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Sample IRB application relevant for those conducting surveys These files may be useful to you if you are submitting a proposal to the IRB or developing written material for your project. The risk to participants in the proposed activity is so minimal that required HS-IRB review represents unwarranted intrusion into the process. 2. Investigators faculty, students, or staff understand, accept, and will implement the principles of informed consent contained in Appendix C of policy F90-4.

Writing a Protocol CHOP Institutional Review Board Unless otherwise indicated, all files are Microsoft Word documents (.docx). The amount paid to parent/guardians should be separated from the amount paid to subjects. The IRB must review both the amount and method of payment to subjects to insure that neither presents an undue influence on the trial subjects. Subjects not completing the study, for matters of choice subject or investigator.

Steps to IRB Approval - Emory University IRB Checklist ·· Download here (PDF 39KB) Consent form template for in-person data collection (experimental, surveys) ·· Download here Consent form template for online surveys ·· Download here Consent form addendum for video or audio recordings ·· Download here Consent form template for parental consent (used when collecting data from minors)·· Download here Be aware that these consent form templates are provided as guidelines only, and you may need to include additional items depending on the nature of your study. Required Reviews BEFORE the IRB Recives the Application 8-2 Required Reviews Concurrent with IRB Review Step 9 Respond to Changes Requested by the IRB* Step 10 Receive the IRB Approval Who should be the Principal Investigator PI? Pay attention to the ROLES in eIRB Emory IRB’s Top 3 Suggestions Where to Find Samples or Templates? *if.

IRB Examples - University of Southern Indiana Feel free to edit the consent text as needed, but take care to remove the brackets, quotation marks, and highlighting before you present it to participants. IRB Examples. With permission from the principal investigators, three well written submissions have been provided. Please use these approved protocols as examples. IRB protocol Form A - student written. IRB protocol Form A - faculty written. IRB protocol Form B - student written. Email recruitment example.

IRB Proposal Creation Guidelines Colgate University The Internal Review Board (IRB) reviews all human subjects research at The University of Texas at Austin. The IRB is composed of Colgate faculty and staff from a broad range of backgrounds. Thus, your proposal should be written for a general audience, and not rely on terminology specific to any particular field of study. If the purpose and/or procedures are unclear, your proposal will be returned with a request for clarification.

IRB Application Process Guide - Office of Research Support and Compliance The IRB is composed mainly of UT faculty and meets monthly to review research proposals. The study proposal is supplemented by recruitment materials, consent forms, and data collection instruments. Once you have written your proposal and developed the supplemental materials, the next step is to get IRB approval. IRB approval is required before you begin conducting research. Visit the IRB Forms page for the proposal template. Site Letters

Application Process Smith College The IRB reviews full board research; exempt and expedited research are reviewed "in house" by the Office of Research Support and Compliance. The CITI training for IRB researchers is meant to introduce researchers to the ideas and principles of ethical research involving human participants and the IRB process. To access the courses, follow this link to the CITI program website and the following directions.

PROPOSAL FORMAT FOR RESEARCH USING HUMAN SUBJECTS When a study is approved an approval letter is sent to the PI by email.. Protection Committee for further information. The proposal narrative, recruitment materials, surveys and instruments should be submitted in one document, single-spaced, one-sided, with page numbers and one inch margins. Do not use staples. Proposals will be returned to the PI if these instructions are not followed.

Tips for Writing IRB Applications Studies are typically approved for a one-year period. An example of an IRB-approved survey study and an IRB-approved lab study can be found there, and you can use them as templates as you write-up your own. I’m a member of Cornell’s IRB Human Subjects Committee. Yet the 10 tips we give you below do not represent any policy or any bias of the committee.

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