How to write a glowing recommendation

How to Give a Good Job Reference for a Friend Career Trend It’s not every day that you’re asked to give a good reference for a friend. Speak to your friend’s level of trustworthiness and honesty. Flavor your reference with powerhouse words such as “integrity,” “reliability” and “courageous.” Considerations. Before you provide a character reference for your friend, talk with her about the job and what she wants to highlight with the employer.

Tips for writing a glowing letter of recommendation Alpha Sigma Alpha More than merely supplying confirmation of a job title and duties, a friend can often provide insight into something a previous employer may not: a person’s true character, which is why these references are often called “character references.” As always, follow a questioner’s lead and answer those questions put to you. Tips for writing a glowing letter of recommendation 1. Don’t start with "To Whom You May Concern." 2. Use the CAR format. 3. Include facts, avoid claims. 4. Quote a client. 5. Tell a story.

Steps for Writing a Glowing Letter of Recommendation - The Muse But if you’re asked an open-ended question, such as “Please tell me about So-and-So…” make sure you’re ready to rise to the challenge by invoking the six pillars of character: caring, citizenship, fairness, respect, responsibility and trustworthiness. Steps for Writing a Glowing Letter of Recommendation 1. Do Your Background Research. 2. Follow the Formula. 3. Put in the Final Touches.

Tips to Write Glowing Recommendation Letter for a Coworker In most cases, your friend will let you know in advance that she has listed you as a character reference for a job. Know who to address. A letter of recommendation could be for a job application, acceptance into a school, award nomination, and more. Depending on the type of letter your colleague needs, you need to use the right salutation. You can use “To whom it may concern” when the letter of recommendation in general.

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